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Renaissance (2006)

Set in the future, this rotoscope animation is a little gem.


In Paris, 2054, Renaissance follows detective Barthélémy Karas (Daniel Craig / Patrick Floersheim) in his hunt for a kidnapped scientist who may - or may not - hold the key to immortality. With a twisting plot involving everything from Arab mobsters to genetic mutation, this is a film for any neo noir fan.

Existing almost entirely in black and white motion captured animation, Renaissance is a heavily stylized detective story - set in the future (almost dystopian) - but with a heavy feeling of 60's trenchcoated P.I.'s.

Paris, 2054

The story is complex, but not unfathomable. It's a who-dunnit at the core. It holds enough futuristic elements without bogging the story down, and lays out personable characters.

The director (Christian Volckman - in his only feature director chair to date) had a vision and sticks with it.

I saw the English language version with impressive talents including Daniel Craig, Jonathan Pryce and Ian Holm.

Barthélémy Karas

It's a great watch, and rolling in at 105 minutes, long for an animation. Certainly one to see though. The set apart for me was the animation style. So simple, yet so effective. A very different choice for fans of the genre.

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