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WolfCop (2014)

But you're a wolf!


It's hard to put a synopsis to this one. Drop out small village cop Lou, investigating "teens being noisy" one night ends up waking up the next morning with strange visions of what happened the night before. Are they real? Are they not? There was blood...


At the heart of the movie you'll find a good, old fashioned, who-dunnit. Stretching across the years Lou (Garou!) finds that there is 32 year curse - people die - and a werewolf is at the center of it. And it's him now. 

Leo Fafard

It's as silly as it sounds, but has some credit to it's name. 

Practical effects abound - director Lowell Dean - has seen to it. It does what it says on the box. Werewolf cop. Leo Fafard does a great job as the 'WolfCop' himself. Support comes from partner, Tina (Amy Matysio) and loser Willie (Jonathon Cherry). The acting is good - great even. It reminisces around how awful the film is, and how awful the cast need be. Don't get me wrong - WolfCop is a fabulous film. 

It's quite literally perfect.


No, the practical effects don't meet American Werewolf in London. No, the story line isn't an Agatha Christie. It never will be. 

You want to see a werewolf cop tearing the face off drug dealers? This is perfect.

Honestly? Totally silly fun. With WOLFCOP.

Dammit there's a sequel coming out. SEE THIS.

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