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House on Elm Lake (2017)

This one will give you nightmares.

House on Elm Lake

A man convinced that Lucifer was within him murdered his wife and child at the house on Elm Lake. Years later a young family move in. But Lucifer is still at home.

The opening scene of House on Elm Lake is straight up disturbing. It's gory and graphic. Horrifying. Watching, I thought that was the end of it. Oh no. How wrong I was. Hayley (Becca Hirani), Eric (Andrew Hollingworth), and Daughter Penny (Faye Goodwin) move in. All is well at first with the exception of Eric's job which may not be available. Then Eric finds Lucifer within him...

Becca Hirani

Elm Lake is one of those films that is unrelenting. From the first scene, the only lull in the running time is the introduction of the family. Don't waste those seven minutes, because when the tension returns it doesn't stop.

What director James Klass has created is a film so taut and graphic it's harrowing. It's certainly not an easy watch with themes that many will find extremely disturbing - but so gripping it is that you can't look away either.

Hirani, Goodwin, and Hollingworth maintain a solid presence - and the supporting cast are great. Noteworthy in the supporting roles is Tim Freeman, on screen for seconds, and scene stealing. Shout out goes to Tony Manders though, as one of the creepiest creations ever put on film.

Tony Manders

With it being clear from the start that no one is safe, the movie twists until it reaches its shocking conclusion. With each blow to the family and their friends the film shakes your own psyche - chipping off a little at a time until there's nothing left.

At the end of the watch I was mentally exhausted and ready to watch cartoons for a couple of hours.

While certainly not for the faint of heart, if you want to be knawed at by a horror movie, let this one do it. It's certainly effective.

House on Elm Lake is released on September 11 on DVD and VOD.

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