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Hood of Horror (2006)

So many ups. So many downs.

Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror

In 2006, someone thought an anthology film hosted by Snoop Dogg was a good idea. Was it? Well, it's up and down, as many antho movies are. Let's begin.

The opening segment / Wraparound

Presented as a "hip hop anthology", the movie begins with an animated sequence, where Devon accidentally shoots and kills his little sister. He is cast out by his family, and sells his soul in exchange for the life of his sister - becoming a Hound of Hell. This then sections to the live action wraparound, and Snoop Dogg hosts the rest of the movie, collecting souls along the way.

The animated section is excellent. It's stylized, and extremely well executed. I could, would, happily watch a whole movie telling this story, in this style. After going to live action, it dips a little, with Snoop not acting so much, as "Snoop Dogging". It works well enough, but that's not what we came for.

Crossed Out

Graffiti tagger Posie, is living in a church under the watchful eye of the Pastor. She has a run in with a local gang, and after escaping from them, is empowered by a Hound of Hell with the ability to clean up the streets.

Danny Trejo: Derelict

This one is a mixed bag. We have some big names. Danny Trejo is Derelict, the Hound. Billy Dee Williams is Pastor, Charlie. But the piece is led by Daniella Alonso (The Collector), early in her career, and her inexperience seeps through her performance. The story had a good deal of promise, but doesn't really go anywhere, which is a problem with many anthology movies. Overall it had some wasted promise, and some ropey FX, but Trejo is always worth watching. 3*

The Scumlord

Behind door number two we have Tex Woods Jr. (Anson Mount - Inhumans) and Tiffany (Brande Roderick - Baywatch) inheriting a property from Tex's recently deceased father, who make the lives of the tenants hell.

Brande Roderick. Um. Spoilers?

Straight off the bat, Anson Mount comes off as annoying, possibly on purpose, I don't know, but I'm going to lay blame on the director. Brande Roderick is apparently playing Paris Hilton. Honestly, they're not doing well. The tenants are played by more notable actors including Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) and Richard Gant (Deadwood), and act the two antagonists from the screen. Weirdly, this section is mostly played for laughs, with a consistent comical undertone. But has a rape/murder scene, which sits badly. The FX are better in this one, but little to recommend, I'm afraid. 2*

Rapsody Askew

The final segment comes in the form of a rapper who promises God that he will work for the light in exchange for being a famous rapper following the death of his partner, Quon.

Aries Spears: Quon

By far the most engaging and polished of the anthology, the two rappers Sod (Pooch Hall - Stomp the Yard 2) and Quon (Aries Spears - MADtv) are excellent. There's a surprising (and amusing) cameo from Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and a Hound of Hell in the form of Lin Shaye (Insidious). All the acting is spot on. The direction is far better in this segment, strangely, as Stacy Title is the sole listed Director. The FX are good. It also has a strong and complete resolution. 4*


It's not a bad watch, but it's missing so much. One of those things is horror. Each segment hosts some interesting kills, but none of them draw out fear. One of the kills in Crossed Out is gross, and clearly the film makers are proud of it because it features a lot. But no scares. The second segment sticks out with a reliance on humor, but then the final segment is just so much better. It's a bumpy ride.

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