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Fox Trap (2016)

Opening on a high, Fox Trap sets itself up to be an engaging horror. It's a new breed of slasher at it's core. 

Fox Trap

When Niall and Lorraine are jumped in their car by a gang of masked, knife wielding, lunatics, Lorraine runs from the car to safety, getting knocked down and badly hurt in the process. But it was all a prank. 

Now, eight years later, the whole gang responsible are reunited at a mansion house. And a masked killer is looking for vengeance. 

Could be anybody...

Director Jamie Weston clearly has a good eye. The opening of Fox Trap is impressively shot. It brings a sense of dread. Foreboding. Georgina Dugdale and Alex Sawyer do a bang up job as the unlucky couple. The masks used are inherently creepy. It bodes well. With nice sound design and camera work, the opening three minutes lay solid ground work.

When the cast ensemble years later things ramp up. Some have new partners. Some having been in prison after the incident. What follows is obvious resentment. Hackles are raised. Venom spat. Then a killer emerges, and the body count starts.    

Kate Lister

There are a few things that set this slasher beyond others. The first is the acting. Across the board, the acting is undeniably strong. Stand outs are Becca Hirani as Frankie, and Kate Lister as Connie. But that's not to put anyone else down. Next is the setting. How can you go wrong with a stately mansion in the middle of nowhere? But most of all is the mask. 

I don't think I've been quite as impressed with the eerie, creepiness of a mask since Jason donned his. Don't watch it alone. 

The kills are inventive. The atmosphere is ripe. If I can find one gripe? Some of the scenes are a little dark. I can highly recommend this one, when it comes out on VOD in September, and DVD in October. You can find out more here:

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