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12 Deaths of Christmas (2017)

A cinematically chilling movie - one that caught me by surprise.

Over the span of seventy years children disappeared into the forest near a town in Belgrave, with one who survived for only a few hours, her mind gone, saying, "The Witch" over and over. Then the killings stopped. All was well.

Twenty five years later the witch is back...

Based on the myth of Frau Perchta, 12 Deaths of Christmas is a classy horror film. These days it can be hard to use the word 'refreshing' when it comes to horror. So much is remade, re-imagined, or just the same old. 12 Deaths is refreshing. From the very opening the film oozes class and I land this at the feet of relatively new director, James Klass. The opening scene sets the film up perfectly, and while gives a glimpse of the witch from the very start, never gives away too much.

The acting is standout, excellent from pillar to post. Again Becca Hirani gives a great performance, but perhaps the stand out is from Oliver Ebsworth as young Callum and Faye Goodwin as Amy. The child actors in the film are notable and I expect to see much more from all of them.

So the big question. Is it scary?

Part of the charm created by Klass is the unrelenting atmosphere, and the way he plays with the audience, moving from scene to scene. Some playful. Others taut. He uses fear as a big player in the movie. He charismatically uses light, shadow, and some crafty camera work.

There's plenty of gore on offer, too. The deaths are nasty, inventive, and new. (Can I say refreshing again?) The effects are excellent to go with. And of the most part, it all remains Christmas centric.

There's little bad I can say about it. It's a must see.

Oh, and the twist? All horrors have a twist. It's a terrifying twist you won't see coming.

12 Deaths of Christmas comes out on VOD and DVD in November. You can find out more about it here:

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