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Bestseller (2010)

Bestseller is an interesting Korean thriller from 2010. Director by Jeong-ho Lee weaves a story that you're not expecting...but does he do it well?


Best selling author Hee-soo is accused of plagiarism shortly after the release of another high selling book. Everyone is against her. Even, it appears, her husband. Two years on, still struggling with life after the accusation and now separated from her husband, Hee-soo travels to a lodge with her now six-year-old daughter, Yeon-hee, to write a new book. When they arrive, Yeon-hee meets a new friend - an invisible one - a turn to the bizarre, and then a new novel is written...but of course, there is more here than appears.

Jeong-hwa Eom / Sa-rang Park

Firstly, sold as a thriller, this is very much a horror. Anyone familiar with Asian horror, is going to see some of this coming, but it's not a bad thing. Asian cinema is fabulous in its story telling and this is no exception. From the arrival at the writing lodge something is off kilter and watching it, some viewers may think they can see what's coming.

I guarantee that they'll be wrong.

Plagued by writer's block, Hee-soo begins to crumble under the weight of her editors anticipation. She can't get a word on the page. When Yeon-hee's invisible friend starts to tell a story - which Hee-soo writes into a best selling novel - the *coughs* skeletons start coming out of the closet. But I won't spoil them here.

The acting is strong - but standout performance goes without doubt to Sa-rang Park as daughter Yeon-hee. Only seven years old at the time of release, she plays the innocent yet tortured little girl with maturity and applause. She ranks up with some of the best child actors I have ever witnessed a performance from.

Sa-rang Park

The adults all put in a solid performance, and the direction is well done. With few effects to work with, the movie is a good character driven horror piece, with a great twist no one will see coming.

Highly recommended.

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