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Roadside (2013)

Interestingly in line with Phone Booth.

Roadside. Not to be mistaken for Roadhouse.

Dan and Mindy drive through the desolate wilderness to meet with friends when they are held up by a gunman in the darkness. You're standing in the middle of the road. An unseen gunman has you in his sights. What do you do?

Largely, that is the entire premise. So, with so much to be held up by the cast, does it?

The couple, played by Ace Marrero (Triangles) and Katie Stegeman (Contracted) do so with some flair. Dan is clearly cheating on pregnant wife Mindy, and so the favor falls very much with her, and, given the predicament they are in, she could, save herself at any point. Although, interestingly, some small sympathy is garnered by Dan.

The gunman, voiced by Brad Douglas (Interestingly nothing of note) is chilling.

Director and Writer Eric England made some interesting choices. One that tips the movie over from being good, to being interestingly good. But more on that in a moment.

A well held up thriller, but - if you've seen Phone Booth - with this set up the end can make or break the movie.

Ace Marrero / Katie Stegeman

So. The end.

This appears to be a sticking point with some reviewers. You see, the film just ends. There is no resolution. Some have said it is merely sequel baiting.


Eric England is clever.

Within the credits of the movie, a coy animated sequence plays - think the intro to Catch Me If You Can. And within the sequence is the end of the movie. Do they live? You find out. Who is the gunman? You find out.

In conversation with Dead Celluloid, England states, "I think most people either missed the whole movie or didn't want to sit through the final animation."

We say: Their loss.

For whatever reason England included this - especially the flack he's received by reviewers belittling the ending - it's like Marvel Credit Scene to the max. And especially rewarding.

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