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Ghostbusters (2016)

She thinks it's a sliding door. She thinks they're all doors. That's sad - she's a scientist.

What the hell is with all the hate for this film?

No, this film is not without problems, but what's with the backlash? Someone shit on your rose tinted glasses?

The plot is simple. Ghosts appear in Manhatten just as our team of intrepid, slightly bumbling, ghostbusters appear like a well timed punchline. Our four busters go on to fight city hall for the right to fight, and take on a city destroying ghost plague.

So first off, I'm not sure if this is a remake, reboot, soft reboot, or sequel. That's not a problem, but as a fan of the original, I was a little confused. There seemed reference that this sort of thing had happened before, and how easily people forget. Then there is the cameos by the original cast, in different roles. But that was done in Ghostbusters by both Ackroyd and Murray (Yes, they appeared in dual roles in the film) but were cut from the theatrical release.

So franchise wide, it's not unheard of.

But that's just a niggle.

McKinnon / McCarthy /Wiig

The cast is strong. Weakest of the main early introduced three was McCarthy, taking to throwing jokes at the screen, as opposed to being 'funny'. Not her fault, one would argue, but the screenwriters. Kate McKinnon by far the strongest, throughout the whole film.

Then introduced was Leslie Jones. Seeing the trailer I was worried that the makers had thrown in an African American for the sake of it.


She was portrayed in the trailer as oafish. She didn't seem to have much in the way of 'character'. But I was wrong. I think it was a mis-step of the producers of the trailer. She is truly funny. Not only that but she supports the scientist characters with grace.

Then there is Kevin. Chris Hemsworth portraying the extremely dim - very pretty - receptionist. An odd character choice. Not that he exists, or indeed is played by Hemsworth - those are clever choices - but that he is so one dimensionally stupid. Like he couldn't live through a normal week "stupid". I felt the character was unnecessary.

But the "My Cat" joke is a classic.

The villain is uninspiring - until an event takes place involving Hemsworth - but much like the original Ghostbusters movie, it really has little to do with villain, but rather the impending doom caused by them.

And the special effects are stunning. There is the obvious slip up - namely with Stay Puffed - and perhaps Mrs. Slimer (?). But apart from that, this:

Astounding SFX

All round, the movie is not without problem. But it is not bad. In fact it is quiet good. Better than Ghostbusters II for sure.

It's funny. Surely that's the point? The jokes land. The parodies are there in abundance. What was everyone's problem?

If you haven't seen it, see it now. It's a blast.


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  1. This is spot on what I thought of the movie. I love these ladies and blamed problems with their performance on writing and directing, which was blatantly obvious. I loved that they replaced the original cast with ladies and hope they make another.