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Black Dynamite (2009)



He's a powder keg of black fury that's about to explode!

70's blaxploitation from 09. And it's glorious.

When Black Dynamite's brother is killed by street dealers, no one will get in his way. Yep. That's the plot synopsis.

Consistantly laugh out loud funny, BD riffs on the popular low budget 70's movies of the ilk. Think Shaft.

The movie follows a solid story line, with BD himself trying to track down the killer of his brother, and stumbling onto a nefarious plot to poison African American men with a liquor that shrinks your penis. I shit you not. And although the film is hilarious, it's played straight.

Can you dig it?

Towards the end of the movie we skew off thread, introducing two new villains to the piece. One of them is Nixon. Yeah. BD and Nixon fight with nunchucks.

The film is littered with continuity errors and filming mistakes, all placed in to replicate the 70's exploitation style. You can't watch it without beaming. It's ridiculous, and so non-PC, it's scary. But you know what? I can dig it.

Michael Jai White stars, and takes the role in great grace, playing a bad mother wonderfully. He also co-wrote. Acting across the board is amazing. Straight faces in daft places. 

Certainly for adults, with piles of swearing, violence, drugs, nudity... the list goes on, if you want a beer and a fantastic watch, go watch this. 

Because donuts don't wear alligator shoes.

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