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Kill Me Three Times (2014)

Simon Pegg is famous for two notable things. Scotty, and playing whatever Edgar Wright says. While this is neither, it's closer to an Edger Wright character than not. This is not a bad thing.

There's another Hemsworth!

Kill Me Three Times is a fairly simple story. It is told with a non-linear narrative which ultimately serves little purpose, but allows the tale to be told from multiple perspectives, and thus a few twists.

Fundamentally an action comedy, KMTT is a Pegg star vehicle. The tale of a cheating wife, insurance fraud, illegal gambling, and a hitman. Pegg is hired to hit Alice (Alice Braga) the adulterous wife of club owner Jack. When he arrives locals Lucy and Nathan are having a botch at doing it themselves.

Charlie Wolfe. Slightly shit hitman.

While Pegg falls into his Corneto trilogy persona here - and thus he takes great glee in his own performance - most of the rest of the cast play it for deadpan. It makes Pegg standout. The murderous Lucy and Nathan (Teresa Palmer and Sullivan Stapleton) are excellent. The rest of the cast amble along, which is fine. Pegg alone is so over the top in places that a calming influence from some of the cast helps balance it out.

The story is good, and the odd narrative is well done, and not, as it can be, confusing. 

It's funny. The action works. Pegg gets stabbed in the hand. Again. (But not by Peter Jackson donning a Santa suit this time.)

Worth seeking out, for sure.

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