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Lo (2009)

And every once in a while something new comes along.

Lo-Budget Awesomeness

The plot is quite simple. A young man, Justin, summons the demon, Lo, to find his girlfriend, April, who herself has been kidnapped and taken to Hell. To say more is to spoil it.


Brainchild of Travis Betz (writer, director, and editor), this single location, small cast production looks like a horror. No. Quite the opposite. The movie is an exploration in humanity. It is about love, and the lengths that some people will go to. It is about sacrifice. 

And it is stunning in many ways.

Running in at a paltry 80 minutes, the story is simple, but perfect. The stars (Jeremiah Birkett (Lo) and Ward Roberts (Justin)) emote perfectly. Roberts is struck with fear. Trapped for the running time in a circle of salt. Birkett puts in a tormented performance as Lo, a Demon who may or may not help. It is little more than a play, and a play I would put hard cash on the table to see in a theater. 

Director Betz does a solid job. It is a simple film to edit, but he has done so without placing flourishes in that other, less confident Directors, would. 

Nothing detracts from the story. Which is as phenomenal as the story is.

Ward Roberts / Jeremiah Birkett

This film will not scare you, much as it may look like it will. It will leave you wondering. And holding on tighter to the one you love.

In places, it's also funny as fuck.

You need to see this.

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