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I, Frankenstein (2014)

Why, Frankenstein?

Nice poster.

Penned by Kevin Grevioux, the comic book (graphic novel, whatever, leave me alone) is supposed to be good. Like really good.

Apparently, that didn't translate to the movie's writer and director, Stuart Beattie.

The plot revolves around Frankenstein's monster, who after the death of Victor, is attacked by demons, saved by gargoyles, and who then spends the next couple of hundred years hidden in the shadows, being a demon hunter.

I'd like to see that story.

But no, that's the prologue. The Demons are trying to find the secret to creating life to raise an army of...more demons. Doing so by capturing Victor's monster and studying him.

Frankenstein's MONSTER. 

Okay, so the film has some issues. Let's step by step.

The cast is largely stellar. I'm a massive fan of Aaron Eckhart. Dude needs some serious leading man work. Bill Nighy? Man's a legend. Even Kevin Grevioux gets in on it. He's good. The supporting cast are good. But I still have the question of why does Jai Courtney keep getting work?

The story is...meh. It's there, but plays out like a monster of the week episode of Supernatural. In fact, casting Jared Padalecki as the monster wouldn't change a thing. It's set piece after set piece action. Demons bad. Gargoyles good. 

But that leads to the makeup and effects. Oh dear. Look, I have issue with Frankenstein's Monster looking like a model. I know you don't want to hide the face of your star, but he looks like an underwear model that's been mugged. What happened to this?

Robert D. 

Aside from that, the film feels like it ran out of money halfway through. Suddenly there is a drop in CG quality.

Overall, it's watchable if you want nothing from it, and care not to pick holes in it. Which I did.

The gargoyles have hidden from sight for hundreds of years.

HOW? They're flying down a New York street.

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