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Hallowed Wednesday: Triangle (2009)

The second of four utterly terrifying suggestions for you All Hallows Eve viewing...

Christopher Smith (Severance / Creep) directs an cerebral little horror in Triangle, starring the excellent Melissa George (30 Days of Night).

I have to mention the supporting cast of this one, including Liam Hemsworth and Michael Dorman. This film wouldn't work without them, although it is held up by the increasing loss of sanity imposed on George's Jess.

With friends going on a yachting trip, and coming across a seemingly abandoned ocean cruiser, this is a twisting story, and one that needs paying attention to. Perhaps a second watch. It's fun. Has elements of strong horror, but is a beer with your friends and talk about it afterwards affair.

I can't say too much without spoiling it, but if you like horror that you need to think about, some good scares and a bit of blood, this is one for you.

Next week, we're upping the terror with something a little more...stabby.

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