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Hallowed Wednesday: Inside (2007)

The third of four utterly terrifying suggestions for you All Hallows Eve viewing...

Another movie recommendation that I'm going to use the word brutal about is Inside, from directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (ABC's of Death 2) and starring Alysson Paradis (Riot on Redchurch Street).

Pregnant, Sarah and her husband are involved in a car crash, in which she and her unborn are the survivors. Four months later, mourning the death of her husband, she prepares to give birth, when there is a knock on the door, late at night.

A slick home invasion movie at it's heart, Inside is brutally violent, and increasingly terrifying. The premise of "I want your baby, and I'm gonna cut it out of you" is hard enough to write, let alone watch. Gory, and heart-wrenching, this French language film is silent for long stretches, eeking out the suspense to unbearable levels.

Another shocking film for the recommendations, only for the strong stomached, and don't watch it if you're pregnant.

Next week bring buckets of blood!

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