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The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970)

This exists and must be seen!

Roger Moore (Cannonball Run / The Man with the Golden Gun) stars in this competently weaved thriller, with elements of the supernatural. Yeah. Just think about that.

Harold Pelham (Moore) is coming home from work one night when he is involved in a car crash. On the operating table the heart monitor shows two pulses briefly, and then all returns to normal. After his return home things change up.

Running at only 94 mins, the narrative leads the viewer down the rabbit hole: Is Pelham mad? Does he have multiple personalities? Is there another?

Moore, who is outstanding, portrays a stiff family man, and philandering double crosser, where stuffy Pelham suddenly finds himself in affairs, cheating, gambling, and even dabbling with corporate espionage.

It's damn right Hitchcockian. (I wouldn't have been surprised to see his name in there someone)

It's a subtle movie, a slow descent into confused madness. Focusing solely on Moore's character, although not a long film the viewer never knows what is happening. Cleverly POV'd from the protagonist, you don't get the satisfaction of getting answers until it is given to Pelham himself.

It's chilling, edge of the seat stuff, from start to finish.

And it's available on Blu Ray.


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