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Silver Hawk (2004)

We're labeling this one under unseen.

Okay, so I picked up a bundle of DVD's for 99p on Ebay. 14 of them. So you know you're getting quality. (Actually ,with titles like Training Day, I was pretty impressed with the lot.)

It included Silver Hawk. I'd never heard of it. I looked at the back of the box. Luke Goss? Okay, could be worse. Michael Jai White. Okay. And, of course, Michelle Yeoh. I knew the name, couldn't place it.

One trip to IMDB later and yes, she's co-starred in a number of films I've seen, but not been the star. (For me, most notably, was Danny Boyle's, Sunshine.)

So it's a superhero film. Low budget. Mostly English language, but heavily martial arts inspired. Released in 2004 with an estimated budget of $15mil, it crashed, burned, and made no money. But why?

It's damned good.

The plot is...well, she's female Batman, (Lulu Wong lives a double life - part urban social butterfly, part vigilante superhero(!)) Luke Goss is Alexander Wolfe (Um, the bad guy), and there's some nefarious plot to take over the world or some such, and a lot of punching and kicking.

It's a martial arts, super hero, science fiction, action fest, with an unnecessary love story thrown in for good measure. All at just over 95 minutes.

It's a certificate 15 in the UK and PG-13 in the US, but there's virtually no blood. Only one marked death, and that was as off-screen as they could make it.

Overall, it's pretty kid friendly.

With a few flashbacks to ascertain characters without messing about with actual character development in the film, it comes across a little like a TV show pilot. Which is a shame. With a larger budget and a longer running time, it could have easily matched other films out that year.

Coming out the same year as Hellboy and Spider-man 2, the super hero genre was in full swing. With the likes of Catwoman and Blade Trinity (which I liked, but no one else did, apparently), it could have done very well.

Because it's fun, fast, and keeps your eyes on the screen. Between the fights, the bike chases, mustachio-twirling villains and low budget effects, it's a cracking time.

The verdict? Drink a beer, and have a laugh.


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