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Forgotten: Baby Blues (2008)

Also known as 'Cradle will Fall' this true story contains scenes of graphic violence towards children and infanticide.

You won't find films that people consider extreme on here very often. Mostly because they aren't so much forgotten, as brushed under the rug. No one remembers A Serbian Film anymore, right? Well, it's not forgotten, but with that many people trying to stop us from watching it... anyway. Moving on.

Baby Blues (2008)
Starring: Colleen Porch, Ridge Canipe
Directed by: Lars Jacobson, Amardeep Kaleka


Postpartum Depression is obviously a real thing. Ever seen a horror movie where it's the antagonist? No? Well, welcome to Baby Blues.

On a remote farm, where the father is a truck driver - away - Mom has a breakdown. Clearly brought on by postpartum depression, she snaps and decides to take care of the problem. The kids.

Mom? Can you put that down... Please?

What sets this movie out beyond other cat and mouse horrors, is the acting. It's top notch. Mom, and Eldest son, Jimmy, play the largest part in the movie, and both are outstanding. Collen Porch, Mom, had a slew of film come out - most notably she was in Transformers - but seems to have turned to TV work now, and even that is lean. Ridge Canipe is still a working child actor, and we have yet to see where his career goes. But he was 'Young Dean Winchester' in Supernatural. 'Nuff said.

Colleen Porch

Running in a short time (IMDB quotes 85Min, but without the end credit time that ends nearer 70) the shocks and thrills are thrown in your face. The film has a wonderful pace, it is fast and frantic. It also crosses lines. Like I said in the opening line: This is not for the faint of heart.

Ridge Canipe

So for the horror fan, this is where it's at. The ending is, shall we say... chilling. In fact I watched this nearly a week ago and I'm still processing it.The 'true story' part of it is based on the case of Andrea Yates. The true life ending and movie differ. Obviously.

It's a horror film.

It's readily available on DVD (I got it under the name 'Cradle Will Fall' here in the UK). And as a bonus it's cheap.

See you in the lobby, film fans...

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